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Welcome. You’re probably here because you clicked a link on one of my social media sites. I’ve conveniently located all the links right here. Sometimes the content is different on the different services.

Here’s some other text. I’ll be putting something here soon-ish. Right now I’m just filling this block up with a bunch of words to make things fit. Really? Who reads these things? They just skim past looking for links to click on and totally skip over the part where I tell you click the “Shop NSHANEMARTIN at threadless” link and check out what’s going on there.

Hint: I haven’t updated it in a while but new things are coming

Need to contact me about a project? Here’s where you do that. Right now it doesn’t work because I’ve turned it off…because spammers be spamming. Hit me up on one of those social media sites at the top. There’s handy dandy buttons and everything. Click one and give me a follow, some likes, and send me a message.

Had to remove the contact form again because spammers found it in under an hour. So send me a message on one of the platforms listed above.