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With the blessing of the band, I present Heavy Temple‘s “PortaTemple.”

2019 was my first Muddy Roots. I had been trying to go since about 2012 but things never lined up. It wasn’t muddy. It was dusty. Hot, but not too hot. A great assortment of bands on four stages spread out over four days in the middle of nowhere near Cookville, TN. I really wanted to see Weedeater more than anyone else but along comes Heavy Temple and I get my face melted.

Then Covid canceled 2020.

Back in 2021 for another one. Rain canceled Bonaroo so there were some new faces in the field. I’m not saying it was Roofugees, but some things happened to the potties that were just not right. To quote Lucas from Empire Records, “Who knows where thoughts come from? They just appear.” And this was no different. It just happened, fully formed in my mind.

Find me in the field at Muddy Roots, I’ll have them there, or check my Etsy shop.

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