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Welcome Back


I messed up, bad. Apparently, when you upgrade a certain version of PHP/MYSQL and you’re using a certain type of theme from this one theme developer it will nuke your site. I nuked my site. Like 5 years of stuff. I have all the images from the posts but everything else is gone. We can rebuild it. We have the technology.

So here we are. New year, new me, new site.

In one of the weirdest turns, I’m working for a company that bought all the equipment from my last employer and moved it 18 miles down the road. And I get access to the press in the off-hours. I’m kicking Teespring and Threadless to the curb for all things I can print myself. Tees and hoodies are all going to be printed with my own two hands. I may still put fanny packs and tights and whatnot up on the print on demand sites. May not.

Anyway, here’s my face with the wind in my beard.


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