Born in the far Western end of Kentucky just before the winter storm of ‘78. A few years later I got on a bike and shed some blood. This would continue to the current day.
I farm the pixels so you don’t have to.

Along the way someone got me a Crayola drafting set and I thought I wanted to be an architect but I’m pretty bad at math so that put an end to that. I would continue to draw houses, race cars, and all the things kids draw.

Around 1988 I wanted to be a drummer. I joined the middle school band and somehow my 8th grade band director convinced me to play sousaphone. A year or two after that I picked up the bass guitar, joined a band or three, played gigs almost every weekend for a few years, went on a one week tour that consisted of maybe two or three shows, packed everything up and moved to Texas, but not before chasing a degree in Radio/Television Journalism with the hope of getting into the music industry.

This is often how an artist’s bio goes. Seemingly nonsensical statements, linked together in a way that only the artist understands. What all that up there means is this: I’m fairly well rounded in the visual arts. From 2010 to 2020 my day job was mostly designing and printing shirts, signs, banners, promotional items, and vehicle graphics.

I’ve designed spot color and process print t-shirts, logos, screen printed gig posters, design for embroidery, social media graphics, music packaging, graphics for film and television, web design/Wordpress, and a few vector portraits.

Then, through the magic of a global pandemic, my employer closed it’s doors and here I am, still making artwork every day. I don’t share most of it because it’s crap

Check out the rest of the site to see what I do. The home page is a gallery of artwork that I have created. If you need a graphic designer in Paducah, head over to the contact page and fill out the form.