Bass Rig

This has been an ongoing project. 2020 didn’t give many opportunities to play so I spent some time drawing my rig. All images created with Adobe Illustrator CS6 from source images I took with a Nikon D80.

Nothing special, just an off the shelf Squier VM Jaguar Bass with an active delete mod.
Six space rack with a power conditioner, Hilbish Design Beta Preamp, and a Crown XLS1500 power amp.
Got myself into a bind when the little Eden 1×10 I was using wouldn’t cut it for live shows. Snagged an empty 2×12 cab and put a pair of Eminence Beta 12 speakers in it. That made it for a little bit but it wasn’t enough.
Buy once, cry once? Picked up an Ampeg 810 that was used by the bassist in King Krater. Looked like a cross between the Ultimate Warrior and a vintage fringe jacket. Cleaned up ok, needs a little more love, but it was cheap and super effective.
Tiny pedalboard for tiny venues. Ernie Ball VPjr, TC Polytune, Pigtronix Philosopher Bass, Boss ODB-3, Landrat Mojo distortion, Deadbeat Sound Modulation Station, and Hilbish channel switch.
Full rig. Fakes funk, pokes punk, delivers doom, just about jazzes, rolls rocks. Very heavy.
This is where the pedalboard would be if money and space weren’t at a premium. Still room for more noisemakers with a little adjusting.

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