Accidental Aquarium

Backstory: Some odd years ago I bough a camera a pawn shop. It didn’t have a battery charger. The battery was dead. I had no way of knowing if it was good or not but I managed to convince them that they weren’t selling it for the asking price and got it down to something pretty cheap. Over the summer I did some back yard sessions with a few things that I needed to document.

Fast forward a few weeks. The ladyfriend and I took the boy and the dog for a little walk in the woods. We ended up at Mantle Rock on the Trail of Tears. I took a bunch of pictures. When I started editing them there was something definitely not right. I later learned that my sensor is failing. This is the product of the failing sensor.

I have added some of these photos to my Threadless shop and made them available as posters. They would probably make pretty cool aquarium backgrounds.

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