I like making dumb things, and this is no different. Backstory: a guy was trying to check out at his local convenience store. They guy in front of him started to berate him with some unpleasantries. Things went over a line you don’t cross and the loudmouth got popped in the face with a tall can of Twisted Tea. The memes were flowing quick.

I’ve had a Cantera design in the works since the summer, but mine was more about beer, hops and malts.

Create a white and yellow radial gradient. Add a little halftone texture. Make it all spot colors for easy printing. Use my Cantera artwork as a mask of the background. Set it up on a t-shirt mockup. File>Save. I wish they all came together this quick.

The dumb thing is real and you can buy it!
Click the link to get smashed, I mean, get the shirt.

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