Job Scammers

I recently applied for a blind employment ad on Indeed. It was listed as a design position requiring an art degree, requested an online portfolio, and the company was listed as “confidential.” I don’t have an art degree, but I have experience in design and an online portfolio. Well, had an online portfolio.

Within 12 hours I received a traffic spike notification from the WordPress app on my phone. The visitors had clicked on every image on my site to enlarge to full size. The did this twice on images that were not watermarked. I can only assume that they were saving them.

In the meantime I’ve pulled most of the images that do not contain my name. I’ll be going through my portfolio and placing my name in larger type in the coming weeks. There doesn’t seem to be any recourse because of the confidential listing. I can’t actually prove they did anything but view the images in a larger format. But the second I see them on a clipart site or for sale on a site like Zazzle or Society6 it will be game on.

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