CST Sensamo Control – review pt. 2

Here what you need to know to get up to speed.

I’m poor, not gonna sugar coat it. That’s part of the reason I ride a bike, the rest being that it’s good therapy, exercise and racing is fun as all hell. When you’re poor you tend to buy inexpensive things. The CST Sensamo Control fills that requirement. But you can’t be constantly buying replacements for the cheap things. That’s what this review is for.

The first week I was using this tire I logged my usual 65 commuter miles: getting to and from work, gathering groceries and supplies and doing social things.

I’m also using this as a tire for road training miles. I logged an additional 101 miles over five rides. Worth noting is that this is a fairly heavy tire. At 700g it is twice as heavy as the Continentals it replaced. But come race season it will be easier to spin a lighter tire.

So far most of the riding has been on asphalt or concrete. I’ve done about 20 miles of gravel with little want for more grip. Today I took a detour and found myself in a rocky mess.


A little bit of bouncing around but nothing too serious. I’m sure lowering the tire pressure would have been ideal but it was only for 200 feet and these aren’t really serious off roading tires.

Next up was a trip down to the boat ramp. Twenty-four inches of snow last month and the record breaking snows in the north east all melted and ran downstream to here. The parking lot at the ramp was under six feet of water for at least a week and when the flood waters receded they left behind a mess of slimy river silt. But the tires held on as long as I did my part to keep things under control.


That’s all I have for part 2. I’ll continue to log miles in part 3 and have more trail time to report on the off road capabilities.

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