Brigade Of Handsome Gentlemen

A few years back I went to a roller derby recruitment day not planning to get involved. Boy was I wrong. I got super involved. Then my league folded under the pressure. Some retired, some moved away and a few joined up with a league out of town. For a year or so I was a card carrying member of WFTDA as a referee for the Southern Illinois Roller Girls. But as life would have it, roller derby was not to be a part of it. And then a men’s league started. And I wanted to be a part of that. I made one practice. Life said no. My body was like “what r u doin? STAHP!1”

It’s been about a year since I’ve been on skates. I miss it. I miss the people. I miss my derby wives. Once you’ve been accepted into the derby family you’re in for life, on or off skates.

As I’m slowly getting my head back into derby I did what I do: I made them some graphics. The men’s league I was (am?) a part of is called the Brigade Of Handsome Gentlemen, or just Brigade in informal settings.

It hit me pretty hard that no one had made a Bones Brigade connection.

Skateboarding and Roller Derby pretty much have the same mentality. The first skateboards were deconstructed roller skates. A lot of the more proficient derby skaters are getting back to their 8 wheeled roots: ramps and bowls. (Hi, Moxie skate team!)

Brigade of Handsome Gentlemen, BHG, Brigade, Bones Brigade, skates, wheels, hardcore. Put it in a blender, a derby blender. Go fast, turn left, hit or be hit. Apologies for lifting the wings from the original Bones Brigade.

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