Nobody likes a stolen bike, but after hearing about homeless dudes recognizing me by my bike, commenting on “must be nice…all I got is this stupid bullshit bike” I decided it was probably time to register my daily riders and all random “almost” bikes in my stable.

I ride every day. It is my single method of transportation. I sometimes have to leave my bike unattended in sketchy parts of town. I don’t always bring my lock and even if I do that doesn’t mean there is something to lock it to. I’ve had my Outpost stolen twice from the same place only to have it returned because “your pedals are broked, dude.” Crank Brothers Egg Beaters FTW!



Create an account. Add your bike, as many details as you wish to include and a few pictures. Its a free and simple way to maintain information on your entire stable. In the event something happens to your bike you can print or email a PDF to the appropriate parties to assist in the location and identification or your steed.


Go. Do. Ride.

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