American Doom

American Doom is a project spanning design/2D art and into audio/3D sculpture/performance art.


The basis of of the project is the Peavey Century instrument amplifier. It’s a generic 100 watt solid state amp head. What sets it apart is that it has a two stage pre-amp. It will play pretty cleans and all the way to super compressed high gain walls of noise.

I bought my first Century in the mid 90s and became the bane of guitarists. But that’s not what this is about.

I just bought my second (to replace the first). Shortly after getting it set up and playing through it I sat down at the computer to do some doodling.



This is what came out that doodle. After a few hours I got to another stopping spot.


And this is where I’ve stopped. A little more realism than I had originally intended but it is what it is.

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